A day in Tel Aviv 


I went to Tel Aviv with a friend of mine. 

We basically went to Olamot but we were in some other places either and I want to share this day with so let's get started👉🏻

We missed the train that we should have been on so we stayed at the station for a hour more than we should. 
When we arrived to Tel Aviv it took us about 40 minutes to find Olamot but then we followed after two girls with costumes (They thought we stoked after them opss)

We weren't much time at Olamot but it was so fun and I met new people ❤  
We went to the Dizingof center either:)
We look for a restaurant for hours but everything was so full so we ate at some desserts stand. Then we missed the train again.

I bought AM's shirt and I'm so freaking happy.

That was everything thank you so much for reading! I want to thank everyone who comment on my post you can't even imagine how happy it makes me! Thank you so much! Have a wonderful day💞

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מודעות פרסומת

17 goals for 2017

So exactly a year ago, I set in my room and I was writing pretty much the same post. 

So here is what I wish for myself for the new year:

1. Be me. No matter what.

2. Learn to deal with pressure. (Exams, people…)

3. Expand my circle of fcriends.

4. Kick the hell out toxic people from my life.

5. Be more creative.

6. Do what makes me happy! (Art, music, photograph…)


8.Be more kind to people.


10.Be healthy.

11.start a healthy lifestyle.

12.Help others.

13. Keep being a vegetarian 🍃

14. Take risks 


16. Widen horizons 

17. Make 2017 the best!